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Welcome to the Safeway Medical Provider Network (MPN) Referral System.

In 2005 Safeway established a state approved Medical Provider Network (MPN) to provide medical care for our employees who have experienced a work-related injury in California. Our MPN is an exclusive group of clinicians committed to providing quality care for our employees.

You may search for physicians from any starting location, or review a complete roster of all treating physicians by clicking on the “Roster of Treating Physicians” tab above.

Our MPN Plan, which was approved by the California Division of Workers’ Compensation (DWC) identifies medical office and hospital locations based on employee work locations. DWC has granted Safeway MPN an extended mileage variance for accessing medical treatment in certain rural areas where there are a small number of physicians.

Here is a list of your options on finding a MPN provider near you:

Please choose from one of the following selections:
Welcome Introduction
Quick Search Search returns a list of all providers within a particular distance from your location.
Address Search Search returns a list of providers of selected specialties within the chosen mileage radius of an address.
Name Search Search returns a list of providers matching an input name to determine if a physician is in the MPN.
Roster of Treating Physicians List of physicians in the MPN who will provide treatment of an injury.

For questions about your Workers' Compensation Claim, or how to choose a physician, please contact the Claims Examiner assigned to your claim or your attorney if you are represented.

Medical Access Assistants are also available to help an injured employee find an available physician. The Medical Access Assistants are available in Safeway/Vons Workers’ Compensation Claims Offices and in our after-hours Call Center and have a toll-free telephone number that employees may use.

To contact a Medical Access Assistant, please call:

Northern California call: (800) 535-0009

Albertsons, Vons and Pavilions call: (866) 655-6246

For Medical Access Assistant after hours call: (888) 432-7538

If you have a question or complaint about the Safeway MPN, please contact the Safeway MPN Contact at: SafewayMPN@Safeway.com or by calling (866) 352-1534.

To obtain a copy of any MPN notification required to be given to an injured covered employee, please contact the Claims Examiner at:

Northern California call: (800) 535-0009

Albertsons, Vons and Pavilions call: (866) 655-6246

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