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Welcome to Southern California Edison’s Workers’ Compensation Medical Provider Network site

SCE has designed a custom network exclusively for our injured employees. The providers have been individually credentialed by SCE to ensure that they provide quality medical care. This web site offers you access to search for and obtain listings of providers or facilities that are members of our network.

If you have been injured at work you must report your injury to your manager/supervisor. If you require medical care, your manager/supervisor will provide you with an Industrial Medical Referral Form and send you to a Designated Medical Facility for treatment. If you need assistance in determining your designated medical facility, please click on the Designated Medical Facilities Tab above or the Tile below. The designated medical facilities are listed in alphabetical order by your work location's city.

Please choose from one of the following selections:

If you have question regarding the MPN, to request an MPN Employee Notification (available in English and Spanish) or to report listing discrepancies, please contact Carlos Casillas, MPN Manager, at (800) 655-6444 / (626) 302-5224 or by Email at Carlos.Casillas@sce.com

If you need help locating an MPN physician, call the SCE MPN access assistant at (800) 655-6444.

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