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Just as a bridge connects two points to make travel fast and easy, our full service interactive TalisPoint platform gives you fast, easy access to your medical or vendor network data. Really, really fast. Schedule a demo to see how an intelligent front-end can change everything.

Carepath Navigation

Aggregate all vendors and providers and automate referrals for Ancillary, IMEs, and other services. With one dynamic workflow for all services, Carepath expedites the process and optimizes the management of referrals.

Medical Cards

Our medical cards cut down on the confusion for injured workers, providing them with helpful, accurate information on your authorized pharmacies, providers and services in one place at one time.

Data Validation

Empower your team to utilize provider data with confidence. Our data validation services ensure that the best version of your network data is right at your fingertips.

Panel Production

Never worry about the accuracy of your worksite posters again. Panel production services provide a flexible, scalable solution for ensuring that your panels are 100% verified and follow your custom business rules.

Super DMF

Channel injured workers to designated medical facilities and providers with confidence. Our system for super clean, continually updated network data gives you access to our most accurate data repository ever.

Custom Solutions

We like challenges. We’re in the business of solving problems. So, go ahead, give us a good one.

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