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Physicians move, retire, stop taking new patients - the list goes on. Yet Medical Network vendors continue to publish outdated provider information that your policyholders and patients rely on.

Every month, 2% to 3% of the records in any medical network change in some fashion - that's 25% change or more in the course of a year. As much as they try, Medical Network vendors can't keep up. We can.

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Because we manage your medical network referral data, we apply this fresh knowledge directly - there is no waiting for source network data to be corrected.

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TalisPoint Insight will cleanse your medical network data once and for all. To find out more, contact us.

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If you have been directed to TalisPoint© and have reached the login page but do not have a name and password, please contact your insurance carrier or claims administrator. Talisman Systems Group, Inc. does not provide login information for its client users over email or the telephone.

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Talisman Systems Group, Inc. is not a medical network and does not enroll providers in medical networks. To enroll in medical networks, please contact the PPO network you wish to join.


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