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Talisman Systems Group Acquired by Medcor

San Francisco-based Talisman Systems Group, Inc., the leading provider of network management services for workers’ compensation and other industries announces its acquisition by Chicago-based Medcor, Inc., the leading health navigation firm. Talisman will operate as an independent subsidiary of Medcor, retaining its leadership and TalisPoint brand and will remain based in San Francisco.

Medcor navigates patients to optimal care through onsite clinics and virtual health services, using evidence-based medicine, proprietary clinical systems and patented processes. Medcor clients include employers from a wide range of industries and insurance carriers. The TalisPoint system validates, updates and manages network data and generates referral documents for insurance carriers, claims administrators, provider networks and employers.

Through this acquisition, Talisman will continue to expand its network access and channeling tools and promote patient, payer and provider connectivity through a next generation platform with enhanced functions, including referral and scheduling capabilities for all lines of business.

The acquisition increases Medcor’s innovative health navigation services. These begin with rapid, convenient access to health assessment at the onset of symptoms or injury, followed by guidance to appropriate care. TalisPoint’s platform and data management services help connect patients with the right provider in the proper network to improve clinical and financial outcomes.

Talisman President and CEO, said, “TalisPoint allows for fast, accurate and up-to-date access to medical network providers and vendors. This facilitates Medcor’s service delivery by providing person-specific information and pinpointing the exact facility and provider called for by customer priorities. To stay at the forefront of our industry, we prioritize innovation to ensure our systems will continue to be best-in-class in the years to come. With Medcor, Talisman now has a proven information technology partner to help us develop the next generation of TalisPoint.”

Medcor President and CEO Philip Seeger explained, “We are combining two best-in-class businesses whose services are very complementary to one another. This is a powerful way to bring more value to our clients; the fact that we already have mutual clients shows that our customers have independently come to the same conclusion. The high-quality network information that TalisPoint provides will help us more efficiently guide patients to the right place, at the right time, to receive the right level of care.”

The two companies share reputations for transparency, high customer service, and operating without conflicts of interest. For more information, watch the short video at this link, contact or call 415-487-7969.

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