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Welcome to the Pharmacy Locator

Tmesys® is the nationwide retail pharmacy network for Optum. It includes nearly
70,000 pharmacies, ensuring a pharmacy is always close to home or work.

Visit our Preferred Provider or use one of the search tools below
to find a pharmacy.

Please present your Tmesys Prescription Card to the pharmacist to fill your
prescription. For a printable temporary card, click here.

Tmesys Prescription Card

Show the pharmacist your Tmesys Prescription Card. If you do not
have one, please choose the delivery method you prefer.

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Radius Search Search returns list of Phamacies within the selected mileage radius from an address.
Pharmacy Look Up Search returns list of Pharmacies matching an input name or phone number.
Region Search Search returns list of Pharmacies within the selected geographic region (County, City, or Zip Code).